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Raj Kundra And Past Controversies Rise From Pashmina Trader To Business tycoon


Dec 29, 2022

Raj Kundra the renowned Pashmina trader of Rajasthan had once again turned the tables on his opponents and become the belle of the ball during the recent political turmoil in Rajasthan. After news of Raja Sawai Madhopur’s murder spread all over the state, the trader suddenly disappeared from the public eye leaving a trail of clues behind him. Some of which were very devious and others too predictable. The story behind Raj Kundra and his mysterious past has now been turned into a movie called Rajneeti. This is one of the most talked about political affairs that have recently played out in Rajasthan.

Raj Kundra once again made headlines when news leaked that Raja Sawai was being probated for the murder of his brother. The probe into the case revealed that Raja was given a huge amount by his brother as commissions by the fraudulent firms in Rajasthan. But the question that bewildered everyone was who exactly benefited from Raja Sawai’s murder? Was it some influential Rajasthan businessman who indulged in some kickbacks from the Rajasthan timber sector? Or was it someone who knew Raja Sawai and was trying to corner the lucrative business of timber in Rajasthan?

These days the scenario has changed. The Rajasthan government has finally acted against its corrupt and opportunistic politicians. In fact, it has sealed many of Rajasthan’s corrupt politicians involved in some foul play. The Rajasthan cabinet has finally declared open charges against all those politicians who were involved in the murder of Raja Sawai. One of the names that have been hit by these charges is Rajkumar. Rajkumar along with five other businessmen of Rajasthan’s Birla Group has been charged with offenses punishable with life imprisonment.

The latest development is bound to cast a shadow over Raj Kumar and the other accused in the case. As this is a major controversy in Rajasthan, the name of Rajkumar will always be linked to the scandal. Rajkumar was already a household name in the Birla Group. However this latest development which ties him to Rajasthan’s biggest scam has made him a prominent personality and also put him on the hit list of the previous Birla Group boss who was arrested along with his sons in a sting operation conducted by the Income Tax department.

This latest development will also cast a spotlight on the role of Rajkumar in Birla Group and will decide how much exposure Raj Kumar will be able to get in the corporate world. Rajkumar has always remained silent during the controversies and arrests of former Birla Group businessmen. However, recent developments will definitely change that. Rajkumar will now have to find a way to retain his business reputation in Rajasthan while simultaneously dealing with the controversies that will surely follow.

Rajkumar has always been one of the principal investors of the Birla group in India. However, he is no longer silent as now. One can only hope that Rajkumar will be able to keep his position and continue to serve as an influential businessman to all of those who need him most in Indian Business. One thing is for sure, Rajkumar will always remain one of the most controversial figures in India’s corporate world.

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